The Psychology of Colours in Clothing – Infographic

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You might already be aware that our emotions can take control of the colours we choose, but did you know that colours in clothing can also alter your emotions and influence your shopping habits? As many as 85% of consumers believe that colour is the chief factor while buying a product and 90 seconds is all it takes for a product to create an impression. Colours in clothing also have the same effect when you want to change your mood or send off a certain vibe to someone else with what you’re wearing.

For example, dark blue can portray authority and power, which is ideal for meetings and conferences whereas bright yellow should be avoided. Bright yellow is an optimistic and energetic colour which is good for parties and creative industries but you might want to opt for dark green which represents wealth and growth when negotiating or dressing for a job interview.

Red is, without doubt, the boldest member of the colour group. From confidence to danger, red sounds out a wide array of emotions. Although powerful, it can be risky wearing at times though so you have to be ready to attract the attention. There are certain colours that are typically known for certain events. For example, most people know that white is for the bride and black is typically worn at a funeral.

So depending on whether you’re deciding what to wear for a date, an important meeting or conference, a job interview, a friend’s party or a special social event, make sure you’re sending off the right message with your clothing colours and check out the below infographic, created by Positive Branding.

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Colours in clothing infographic

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