The Psychology of Colour & Logo Design

Positive Branding

When the time comes to developing a logo for your business – it becomes one of the most defining elements of your brand. Logos are extremely powerful at communicating your ethos, products and most of all your brand identity. Your logo has the power to trigger emotional and recognisable responses in your customers, so taking its design into account is crucial for advertising your business.

Did you know that the actual shape of a logo can communicate different characteristics to your ideal consumer? For example, the swoosh of the Nike tick – its curved motion and sharpened point suggests movement and endurance. Shapes of logos all communicate different things and our infographic breaks these meanings down and can help you evaluate your logo design or take new ideas into consideration for your branding process.

Our infographic concludes that shape and colour are of utmost importance to logo design. But there’s more to it than simply remembering a shape; Circles, squares, curves and diagonals all represent different meanings and when coupled by complimentary colours can help your logo designer come up with a unique brand concept.

psychology of colour and logo design

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