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Prices include embroidery.


3 Layer Waterproof 10000 mm Bonded Fabric
Outer Layer: 93% Polyester, 7% Elastane
Mid Layer: TPU Waterproof, Breathable & Windproof Membrane
Inner Layer: Microfleece for Extra Warmth
Inner Storm Flap
Concealed Inner Embroidery Access for Back Yoke
Concealed Inner Embroidery Access for Front Left Breast as Worn
Full Self Coloured Waterproof Zipper with Zip Puller
3 zipped pockets on the front with waterproof Zipper
Adjustable Hem with Toggles
Inner Pouch Pocket
Inner Cell Phone Pocket

Set up, artwork and delivery charges apply – see below

Tips for Buying Brand Name Jackets for Men For people in the corporate world, they can definitely understand the need of branding jackets and why it is important. Branding is more than just wearing a certain symbol or wearing a logo that represents your company or anything related to it. Branded clothes and accessories are worn as a symbol of one’s status or even as a fashion statement. Many clothing lines have their own unique collection of brand clothing that they design and manufacture especially for women. They also provide men with stylish jackets that often look very elegant and perfect for both casual and formal occasions.Branding jackets for men has always been a very important part in the corporate fashion. With the different brands and types available for these kinds of business attire, you would surely find something that will be ideal for your needs. There are a lot of advantages that you can get from using branded promotional products, such as quality and durability. These are the two most important things that you should look for when purchasing your jackets. When choosing your jackets for work wear or jackets for a particular occasion like a golf tournament, it would be best
if you consider the Some factors.

branding jackets

One: If you prefer softshell jackets, then you probably know that these are very popular clothing that can be used both in the outdoors and inside the office. Brands like Diesel, Longford, and
Ralph Lauren make great softshell jackets that are perfect for men who want to look classy and sophisticated on the job. Whether you are at work or at home, you would definitely appreciate the elegance that these branded jackets can give off. Two: Another thing that you should consider when purchasing your perfect softshell jackets and branded jackets for men are the different features that you can get from each type of jacket. There are jackets that feature heavy duty zippers, functional pockets, fleece-lined sleeves, and many others. You can choose the one that will best meet your requirements.
You can also choose different coloured designs for your softshell jackets – from camouflage to classic black and everything in between. Three: Last but not the least, it would be a good idea for you to check out the latest trends in the market. With this, you will be able to keep abreast of the current fashion trends that are being preferred by the modern generation of men. Brand name jackets are definitely in, so you have to make sure that you have the most up to date collection. What is good about these jackets is that they are usually not very expensive, so if you have a budget for corporate branding for men, then you have a lot of choices to choose from. However, when buying your jackets, be sure to choose a style that will not only impress your colleagues at work but would also look good on you. If you are one of the many men who wants to stand out in the corporate world, then why not consider buying branded jackets? You will have something that you can use in your work or in your leisure time and this will help to boost your confidence in yourself. Remember that you need not spend too much money on these jackets as there are some very affordable ones that you can find in the market. Just take your time in choosing the best design and style that suit you best and you would certainly be able to make a positive impact in the business world.

Product code: UC611
Weight: 325gsm

Size: XS - 3XL

Colours: Choice of three garment colours

Minimum first order value is £100 + VAT. Minimum re-order value is £75 + VAT. The decoration method quoted is embroidery. Not all items are suitable for embroidery. We will advise what decoration method is best for the individual item. Embroidery - Prices assume breast size embroidery (up to 7000 stitches) Screen, Transfer or Digital Print - please call or email for print prices. We can offer print and embroidery on the same item if required. Please call for a quote if you any of the above is unclear. Set up and Delivery charges are extra.

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Screen Printing Services

We are able to produce deigns with up to 8 different colours – all produced on modern automatic print presses. This process is best suited to large volume orders. We have fixed timelines so you know when to expect delivery of your screen-printed garments. For new customers, we will prepare the layout and email a PDF to you for approval usually within 48 hours. Once we receive your approval (or if it's a repeat order), production will start and your garments will usually be despatched within 7 working days. We specialise in offering a range of printed t-shirts that can be used for screen printing services.

Transfer & Vinyl Printing

The easiest way to describe transfer and vinyl printing is to ask you to think about the name and number on the back of a football player’s shirt. The player’s name and number is cut from vinyl material and applied by a heat press. Transfer printing is similar in that the design is printed onto a transfer sheet and then applied using a heat press. Both these processes are suitable for small quantities of a design with many colours or individual monogramming (name and numbering). Heat pressing garments requires us to select the best combination of time, pressure and heat to ensure the design is permanently applied onto the garment and is durable. Once we receive your approval (or if it's a repeat order), production will start and your garments will usually be despatched within 7 working days.

Digital Printing (DTG)

This is a relatively new process, and the easiest way to describe DTG printing is to imagine a t-shirt being put through your desktop inkjet printer. Whilst the process and hardware is a lot more sophisticated, the essence of the print is the same. This process works brilliantly for low volume orders. Once we receive your approval (or if it's a repeat order), production will start and your garments will usually be despatched within 7 working days. Why not use the Call Me Back feature on the right of this page to find out more or, if you are satisfied, simply get a quote?.

About Screen Printing

Screen printing first appeared in China in 1960 during the Song Dynasty. It arrived in Europe in the late 1700s and until the 1960s was referred to as ‘silk screen printing’. Techniques, materials and inks have greatly improved but the basic method hasn’t changed that much in over a thousand years. The process now involves taking a design, separating it into the individual colours and ‘shooting’ (a photographic process) the image onto a screen, which is in fact a very fine mesh held taught by a frame. Then squeezing coloured ink through the screen onto the garment. A separate screen is required for every colour printed. Today we use extremely durable inks that will last many years and many washes.

Embroidery Services

We don’t just embroider logos and designs on t –shirts, hoodies, work fleeces and many more, we can also embroider logos and designs onto bags and holdalls. Embroidery also works well on garments that need industrial washing such as overalls and coveralls. The design is usually placed on the front of the garment on the left breast pocket position (this is known as ‘left breast as worn’) but can be placed anywhere including the sleeve, nape of neck and across the shoulders.

Our embroidery service starts with the original design. Our customer will send us the design (preferably as a jpg or PDF) and we will ‘digitise’ the design, so that a computer can understand it.

Once we have created this file we will email a PDF visual of the design to our customer to check if the design is correct. We have fixed timelines so you know when to expect delivery of your garments. For new customers, the process of creating the digitised design and emailing a PDF to you for approval will usually be completed within 48 hours. Once we receive your approval (or if it is a repeat order), production will start and your embroidered garments will usually be despatched within 7 working days. Why not use the Call Me Back feature on the right of this page to find out more or, if you are satisfied, simply get a quote?

About Embroidery

Embroidery is the method of decorating a garment using needles and coloured threads, a bit like a miniature tapestry.

The embroidery can be simple text such as a company name or a very detailed design such as a military crest. Our modern computer controlled embroidery machines run 12 colours so you can use up to 12 colours in your design at no extra cost.

Typically, company logos have between two and four colours. Embroidery is suitable for all types of garments including t-shirts, polo shirts jackets, sweatshirts and fleeces as well as baseball caps and beanies.

Embroidery Example

Promotional Clothing

We supply promotion clothing such as polo shirts, printed t shirts and hoodies as well as corporate gifts to a huge number of diverse organisations; from church groups to sports clubs and multi-national companies to charities.

What they all have in common is that their promotional item must make a statement. This may be a simple logo and slogan on a polo shirt for staff to wear at a trade exhibition or a corporate gift with a marketing message. Sometimes they’re used as a giveaway with a purchase or to promote a new product.

The one thing we know for sure about your promotional event is that the start date won’t change – so ensure you use a company that fully understands your deadline (that's us).

Clothing has for a long time been used as a promotional tool. It is cost effective, long lasting and people love a useful freebee. We print and embroider t-shirts, polos and sweatshirts at high speed and in volume to ensure your event deadline is met.

Promotional Merchandise

Promotional gifts are an ideal way to give an existing customer or prospective customer something by which they can remember you and your company. From printed pens and sticky note pads to the latest USB memory sticks - we can brand almost anything.


Visit our North West London clothing showroom and try before you buy! We specialise in providing high speed, high quality embroidery and printing onto corporate clothing, workwear and uniforms. Our London location allows us to serve Marketing/PR agencies, Financial Institutions, Charities, and 000's of businesses that value doing business with a London based company.

The showroom is an integral aspect of our business. Although many of our customers buy by telephone or over the internet, our showroom offers our customer the opportunity to visit and benefit from our years of experience.

Customers can look, touch and feel the garments and compare with similar styles. It is also useful for the sales staff here to be able to go into the showroom and check the specification of a garment and then report back to the customer.

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